CTPM Australasia

Our Journey

– EST 1996 , 27  Years Strong

Since our inception in January 1996 as the Centre for TPM (Australasia), we’ve embarked on an incredible journey of growth and transformation. Over the years, we’ve evolved into a dynamic and forward-thinking organisation dedicated to making a meaningful impact in various industries.

1996 – 1998: Laying the Foundation

  • Established in response to the first dedicated TPM conference in Australasia.
  • Pioneered the first 5-day live-in Leadership/Instructors Course, nurturing self-sufficiency in sites.
  • Launched TPM3 as an Australasian version of TPM.

2002 – 2006: Commitment to Excellence

  • Introduced the 5 Level Milestone Excellence Award, supporting sites on their journey to Operational Excellence.
  • Changed our name to CTPM, re-launching TPM3 as an Australasian version of Lean & TPM.

2007 – 2011: Transition to RTO Status

  • Attained recognition as a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) to deliver nationally accredited qualifications.
  • Received our first Level 5 award for the 5 Level Milestone Excellence Awards.

2012 – 2016: Accreditation and Expansion

  • Renewed RTO registration under the National Vocational Education and Training Regulator Act 2011.
  • Expanded our offerings to include Smart and Skilled training programs in NSW.

2017 – 2020: Diversification and Innovation

  • Introduced divisions to cater to evolving industry needs: TPM & Operational Excellence, Business Improvement in Services, and 360 Enterprise Innovation.
  • Published books by Ross Kennedy, our commitment to knowledge sharing.

2021 – Present: Focusing on Skills Development

  • Celebrated our 25th Year Anniversary.
  • Continued as an approved training provider, delivering Smart and Skilled Targeted Priorities Prevocational and Part Qualifications.

Our Transformation: From TPM to CTPM.edu.au

Today, we have transitioned into a comprehensive Registered Training Organisation (RTO) specializing in safety, construction, transport, and all trade qualifications. Our primary goal is to provide accessible training opportunities, often funded, to empower underskilled workers to enter the workforce with minimal financial burden.

At CTPM, we remain dedicated to driving positive change in the industry, ensuring that individuals have the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in their chosen fields.